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Nasty Cupid is a progressive groove metal band from Gümligen/BE and was founded in 2007 by the brothers Nikolai & Dimitri Wittwer and their cousin Mauro Schmid. Andreas Renggli joined in 2011, Florian Keller in 2013 and completed the band.


With drums, guitar, bass and keyboards in their luggage, Nasty Cupid provide catchy melodies, hard riffs and garnish all of this with double-voiced vocals.


The influences of Nasty Cupid's music span across multiple styles. That's why Nasty Cupid defines their musical style as progressive groove metal.



Nasty Cupid is a progressive groove metal band from Gümligen/Bern and was founded in 2007 by the brothers Dimitri & Nikolai Wittwer and their cousin, Mauro Schmid. About a year and three original compositions later, Marco Bohler, a slap bassist, joined. The ideal choice at the time, as the goal was to increasingly fuse progressive metal with funk.


In 2008 the band appeared on stage for the first time with 7 original compositions and various cover songs. This performance was made possible thanks to connections from the Wittwers brothers' father in the Witzwil prison. Following in the footsteps of Johnny Cash's legendary performance in the Folsom and San Quentin prisons, it remains an absolute highlight for the band today. Not least because they performed the song “Jail,” which was written and composed by the two brothers for their father, live for the first time. After a few more performances, Nasty Cupid had another unforgettable moment in October of the same year: the open-air performance with scarfs, hats and gloves at the “Larve”, in the middle of Bern's old town.


Due to various conflicts of interest, bassist Marco Bohler left the band in 2010. In the following period the band acted as a trio again, but were always looking for a clever bass player. The idea also came up of bringing a keyboard player on board, as funk was gradually being neglected and was in danger of disappearing. In 2011, Andreas Renggli, a gifted keyboard player, joined the band. In this new formation, Nasty Cupid reworked all of their own compositions and completely renewed some songs. At the same time, two new original compositions were created, before bassist Florian Keller completed the band's line-up in 2013.


After a 1-year live break, Nasty Cupid made their big comeback in November 2013. This took place in the Roadkill Café in Münsingen/BE. This was the first time Video recordings were produced, which, however, were only of moderately good quality. In spring 2014 the band played their first gig outside the canton at the Galvanik cultural center in Zug, which was another highlight.


The first EP “Escape from Hell” came onto the market in 2015. This opened a few concert doors for the band: This was followed by concerts at Chamäleon Sessions, Dead End Bern, Rox Spiez, Elchclub Ostermundigen, up to the SPH band contest, which brought them to the final in Sedel, Emmenbrücke. For this occasion, the band spared no expense and organized a bus for their fans to take them there and back. What an experience! After further concerts in the Mahogany Hall Bern, the Roadkill Café Münsingen and the Washbar Bern, there were also a few open air appearances on the list: Mannried OpenAir and the Parkonia Festival in Bern. Until the band started working on their first official album. Back then, the boys still thought they should have the record in their pockets quickly. But “good things take time,” like the length of their songs.


On March 25, 2023 the time had finally come: the new album was celebrated at the album release party in the heart of Bern, at the Mahogany Hall. There were various special guests who made the evening together with Nasty Cupid unforgettable. Thanks to all who joined us!

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